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KeyScrambler 3.5

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Screenshot: KeyScrambler Premium protecting Windows 8 credentials against keyloggers

KeyScrambler's Track Record

"KeyScrambler from QFX Software can protect users from phishing emails and malicious websites that deploy key logging software to mine your personal details."
-- BBC News
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A Winning Method:

KeyScrambler encrypts your keystrokes the moment they enter the computer and keeps them safe all the way through the Windows Operating System to the destination app. Learn More »

A Proven Fact:

KeyScrambler's advanced encryption algorithms are hard to break or get around and prove to defeat both known and unknown keyloggers in tests and real use. Learn More »

An Empowerment:

KeyScrambler protects all major browsers and apps and lets you, the user, see the ongoing encryption so you know exactly what app is being protected. Learn More »

KeyScrambler Premium

Supports the largest number of apps of all three KeyScrambler editions. Now also protects Cloud Storage and Bit-Coin Wallets. Buy Now » | Learn More »

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