KeyScrambler 3

As Essential as Your Computer Keyboard.

Screenshot: KeyScrambler Premium protecting Windows 8 credentials against keyloggers
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KeyScrambler's Unique Strengths

A Winning Method:

KeyScrambler keeps you always one step ahead of identity/information thieves by protecting your keystroke data.

A Proven Fact:

KeyScrambler's advanced cryptographic algorithms defeat old and new keyloggers, even on infected computers.

An Empowerment:

KeyScrambler lets you, the user, see the ongoing encryption so you know exactly how and when it is working.

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KeyScrambler Recommendations and Awards
"KeyScrambler from QFX Software can protect users from phishing emails and malicious websites that deploy key logging software to mine your personal details."
-- BBC News
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1,000,000 users know this:

KeyScrambler = No user effort + Peace of mind
KeyScrambler Premium
Unrivaled real-time keystroke protection in all major browsers, on all websites, in all Windows 8.1 Metro Apps, in 240+ standalone apps, and Windows logon. Now also protects Cloud Storage: Dropbox, Google Drive, Microsoft SkyDrive, and more.
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KeyScrambler 3.4 just released, with new improvements and added support.
  • KeyScrambler Personal adds more browsers to support, bringing the number to 38 browsers in total. Everything you type in any of the browsers is encrypted against keylogging.
  • KeyScrambler Premium and Professional also add more independent apps to support, including all Windows 8.1 Metro Apps.
  • Back-end enhancement makes for smoother user experience.
For Business
Find out how KeyScrambler Premium helps guard your company's critical systems, reduces data theft, and increases productivity.
For Online Games
Both KeyScrambler Pro and Premium protect your player's IDs, passwords and digital assets in more than two dozen online games.
Security Trends
Major articles and security reports are excerpted to inform you about current Internet security threats and counter measures.
$44.99 (up to 3 computers)
$29.99 (up to 3 computers)
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Online Support
Links to and brief summaries of key pages are provided to ensure that your KeyScrambler experience is a satisfying one.
User Manual
You find simple directions for working with KeyScrambler, including how-tos and customizing tips.
You get trouble-shooting tips and answers to frequently asked questions about KeyScrambler.
You see KeyScrambler encrypting keystrokes in Windows logon, browsers, finance programs, email, online games and more.