KeyScrambler at Work

KeyScrambler protects your keystrokes in 32 popular browsers and up to 180+ Windows apps. Pro and Premium 3.0 also protect all Windows 8 Metro Apps. Below are screenshots of KeyScrambler working in some of the protected applications.
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KeyScrambler has been recognized by security experts, bloggers and major websites around the globe as the anti-keylogging leader.
How It Works
KeyScrambler uses state-of-the-art cryptography to ensure that the user's encrypted keystrokes yield no secret to cyber thieves.
For Online Games
Both KeyScrambler Pro and Premium protect your player's IDs, passwords and digital assets in more than two dozen online games.
For Business
Find out how KeyScrambler Premium helps guard your company's critical systems, reduces data theft, and increases productivity.
Transparency of protection. Smart engineering. Broad compatibility. Little user effort. KeyScrambler's unique features signify its unique effectiveness in fighting information theft.
Security Trends
Major articles and security reports are excerpted to inform you about current Internet security threats and counter measures.
User Manual
You find simple directions for working with KeyScrambler, including how-tos and customizing tips.
$44.99 (up to 3 computers)
$29.99 (up to 3 computers)
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