Secure your keystrokes deep through Windows OS

How KeyScrambler Works

Real-time Encryption Deep in the OS

The moment you begin typing, KeyScrambler instantly begins encrypting each character at the keyboard driver level, deep in the Windows kernel. The timing and the location make it difficult for keyloggers to bypass KeyScrambler's encryption.

Innovative Technology for Strong Protection

Your keystrokes remain encrypted as they travel through the perilous path in the operating system, where keyloggers can be physically or remotely installed on your computer to intercept your keystrokes. We've implemented both standard symmetric-key encryption (Blowfish 128-bit) and asymmetric-key encryption (RSA 1024-bit) in KeyScrambler. The strong encryption defeats even the most insidious kind of keylogging malware.

Works Even on Malware-Infected Computers

Should a keylogger have wormed into your computer and escaped detection, KeyScrambler will still work, and the keylogger would have only a meaningless jumble of characters to record. When your keystrokes reach the destination app, the decryption module of KeyScrambler goes to work, and you see exactly the keys you've typed. Here the journey ends with your info intact.


Let KeyScrambler Play Safety for You

Install KeyScrambler.

Why wait? Download KeyScrambler Personal now and you'll gain a first- and last-line of defense for data that matter to you the most. With a small file size of ~1.5 MB, it takes just a minute to install KeyScrambler. After that you need little to run KeyScrambler. And It's free; no strings attached.

See the encryption in action.

When you begin typing on a website (in any of the 49 supported browsers), a little green Overlay Window will pop up at the top of your computer screen. As you keep typing away, you can actually see your keystrokes being encrypted in real time. This marvelous feature lets you know what KeyScrambler is protecting and how it works.

Screenshot: KeyScrambler encrypting user credentials on LastPass
And enjoy peace of mind ever after.

With KeyScrambler working on your computer, everything you type in your browser is instantly encrypted: your online banking and shopping credentials, credit card numbers, search terms, Java, flash, PDF forms, browser dialogs, browser master passwords, email, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter . . . everything. It means your crucial info is safe from keylogging on millions of websites and in all of the browser apps. That should make a difference in your life.

Premium Even More Powerful

If you're excited about KeyScrambler Personal, you'll be more so with KeyScrambler Premium.

  • Premium protects your login credentials in Windows workstation, Active Directory Domain, Windows Vista’s User Account Control prompts (UAC), and all of the Windows Store (Metro) Apps.   Learn more »
  • Premium protects every of your keystrokes in 32- and 64-bit Windows programs, East Asian languages, and in apps that have become essential in our lives: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, Quicken, TurboTax, Quickbooks, Dropbox . . .  View all apps »

Premium offers other advanced security features and brings an unrivaled level of information security to your PCs and critical systems. If an app that you're using regularly is not supported by the current version of KeyScrambler Premium, you can email us to request it and we will add support in a later update version.

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Your Keystrokes = Your Data = Your Identity + Your Privacy + Your Assets

That's why we created KeyScrambler.

Qian Wang, CEO of QFX Software and creator of KeyScrambler, recapitulates the conception of KeyScrambler in these words: "KeyScrambler is a new approach to dealing with the problem of keylogging. What we did was look at keyloggers specifically, find out what data they’re after, and how they worked to get it. Then we thought about how to protect the data instead [of the traditional detect-and-remove method]." -- Interview with Michael Kassner on Tech Republic

That's why users love KeyScrambler.

"I want to express my sincere gratitude to you from the bottom of my heart for protecting cryptocoin wallets. I have goose bumps just writing this. Over the past few weeks my computer has been acting weird. I ran a scan with an antispyware software and found a trojan, and pulled it out. I thought no more about it. The PC was still not acting right. So I thought it might be a good idea to clean some old stuff off my hard drive. When I went into my roaming folder I found a folder with a strange name like 8ughrbfebfinewinfiuerbfueyf, and in that folder was another folder called "logs" and in that folder was .dat files that started with kb and some numbers. I saw kb and thought keyboard, and umm... log folder!?!?!? I thought, hmm... weird, wonder what's in it. When I opened them with notepad I was terrified by what I saw. It was clear that the trojan I had removed a few weeks ago was a keylogger geared SPECIFICALLY to steal my cryptocoins and was clearly attempting to obtain all of my passwords. The ONLY reason I have not lost everything I've been working for full time for more than a year is because KEYSCRAMBLER PREMIUM 3.6 SCRAMBLED ALL OF MY PASSWORDS! THANK YOU AGAIN X1000." -- User Gareth S.

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