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Windowsreport recommends KeyScrambler as one of the "5 best keystroke encryption software for Windows." (December, 2017)

Raymond CC reports that "KeyScrambler Premium passed all 13 tests by preventing the keyloggers to record the text that was typed from the keyboard." (December, 2016) reviews and recommends KeyScrambler Personal 3.10: "When we pitted the program against three commercial keyloggers, KeyScrambler won every time: our data remained private." (October 17, 2015)

"Editor's Review" on recommends KeyScrambler Personal: "Bottom Line: KeyScrambler Personal is a good tool for evading keyloggers, and it does not interfere with your use of any other programs on your computer." (August 18, 2015).

KeyScrambler Personal is chosen as one of "the five best free privacy software options for 2015" on Techradar" (February 20, 2015).

"Editor's Review" on recommends KeyScrambler Personal: "KeyScrambler Personal encrypts your keystrokes in a wide variety of supported programs, so you can avoid tracking by keylogging software. With this tool in place, you can use your computer just as you always have, and you won't have to worry about someone keeping tabs on you or gaining access to your sensitive information" (October 17, 2014).

The "Editor's Review" by is also published by Yahoo! Small Business Advisor: "KeyScrambler Personal is a good tool for evading keyloggers, and it does not interfere with your use of any other programs on your computer" (October 17, 2014).

Mike Leahy, an online security expert and attorney in Annapolis, Md., recommends KeyScrambler to his readers in an article, "Two Steps to Thwart PC Hackers" in Laissez Faire Letter (May Issue, 2014; p.8).

Kate Russell, host of the BBC technology program "Click", introduces KeyScrambler to her 180 million viewers with this recommendation: "Anti-key-logging software like KeyScrambler from QFX Software can protect users from phishing emails and malicious websites that deploy key logging software to mine your personal details" (August 23-25, 2013). Watch a clip of "Kate Russell's weekly review of the best apps and websites" on BBC News.

Pedro Castro, Senior Editor of Software Informer, reviews KeyScrambler Personal 3.2 and gives it five stars with the conclusion: "All in all, KeyScrambler Personal uses a simple but effective method to protect you from keylogging applications." (August 9, 2013).

Margie Smeer, Senior Editor of Software Informer, reviews KeyScrambler 3.0 and concludes: "KeyScrambler is a powerful tool that can effectively protect even against new keylogging malware." (March 1, 2013). See also the awards KeyScrambler has received.

On Malware Tips, the testing and reviews group gives all three KeyScrambler editions 5 stars (Excellent) for overall product rating in their review: "Keyscrambler is very simple in its concept but very efficient on its use. I Highly recommend it if you are an aficionados of online banking or online shopping!" (August 8, 2012).

On techradar, Mike Williams, a PC expert, recommends KeyScrambler Personal as one of the "10 best free lightweight security tools": "Keyloggers are a particularly dangerous type of malware, which burrow into your PC and then record everything you type: user names, passwords, everything. KeyScrambler Personal encrypts everything you type in IE and Firefox, so even if you are hit by a keylogger, it won't be able to steal your web logons." He adds that the commercial versions of KeyScrambler "offer extra protection" (July 20, 2012).

In a blog about "the first keystroke logging software to officially support 64-bit Windows operating system," reassures the readers that, "as powerful as Elite Keylogger 5 is, I am glad to give everyone a confirmation that Elite Keylogger still captures the scrambled encrypted keystrokes by KeyScrambler Premium." KeyScrambler Premium protects your sensitive information such as your password from being stolen. View the video (June 15, 2012).

The CNET Editors reviewed KeyScrambler Personal and gave it four stars. Their conclusion: "Overall, KeyScrambler Personal was easy to use and it seemed to be effective. It's worth checking out if you want to keep what you type safe from prying eyes." Read the review (August 2, 2011)., an expert computer website, thoroughly tested KeyScrambler and found it was the only anti-keylogging product that could defeat all the tested keyloggers. Read the review, KeyScrambler Fights KeyLoggers by Encrypting What You Type on Keyboard (May 24, 2011). Read also his blog (July 16, 2011).

Michael Kassner, a widely read IT expert, recommends KeyScrambler on TechRepublic as "an answer" to financial malware attacks. Read his review, "KeyScrambler: how keystroke encryption works to thwart keylogging threats", which includes an interview with Qian Wang, the President and CEO of QFX Software (October 25, 2010).

Dennis O'Reilly, an award-winning author on PCs and other technologies, recommends KeyScrambler as one of "The best Internet Explorer security add-ons" on CNET (October 19, 2010).

Logan Kugler, an Internet security expert, recommends KeyScrambler as one of the "8 Essential Privacy Extensions for Firefox" on PCWorld (September 23, 2010).

KeyScrambler gets favorable notice in USA TODAY when user Mickey Cashen is featured for building "a small fortress" against cyberattacks using effective freeware, including KeyScrambler. Read the story (September 9, 2010).

In an in-depth review of KeyScrambler Personal, technology expert Vikram concludes: "KeyScrambler is one of its kind program that does its job exceptionally well. I have tested it with some keylogging programs and none of them could catch what I was actually typing." Read the review on TechNorms (June 22, 2010).

Donna Buenaventura, a Microsoft certified security specialist, reviews KeyScrambler Professional for Bright Hub and grants it the "Approved by Brighthub" award (February 27, 2009).

Preston Gralla, a technology expert and editor for more than twenty years, picks KeyScrambler Personal as one of PC World's "15 Great, Free Privacy Downloads" (August 2008). Read also his review, "KeyScrambler Personal" (March 2009)

KeyScrambler is voted as a "must-have Firefox extensions" by Firefox users on ZDNet (March, 2007). It is also a recommended download on ZDNet's website (2013).

KeyScrambler is recommended by the Brothersoft editors.

Aharon Etengoff reviews and recommends KeyScrambler on IT Examiner: "The use of Keyscrambler could help counter the scourge of identity fraud which apparently increased by a shocking 22 per cent in 2008." Read the review, "QFX upgrades Keyscrambler encryption utility" (February 17, 2009; also November 19, 2008)

Daniel Ángel Romero reviews KeyScrambler 2.3 on software. informer and gives it a five-star rating with the recommendation: "It's a powerful tool to encrypt all your keyboard entries" (2008).

Jason Fitzpatrik recommends KeyScrambler on Lifehacker (June, 2008).

J. Prasanna, CEO of AVS Labs, recommends installing KeyScrambler to protect every keystroke in the browser: "When used with updated antivirus and personal firewall, KeyScrambler provides complete protection against identity theft to an ordinary user." (IT Examiner, July 9, 2008)

Dirk Averesch, writing extensively on technology, considers KeyScrambler a significant security expansion for Firefox ("Firefox Add-Ons Cover Your Tracks, Block Intrusions," Originally published in Deutsche Presse-Agentur, November 6, 2007) 

Gizmo Richard's Support Alert Newsletter Review (2.4 Free Browser Add-on Protects Login Credentials): "KeyScrambler is an excellent addition to your security arsenal. It's free, operates transparently, doesn't affect your PC's performance and is available for both IE and Firefox .  .  ."

McAfee SiteAdvisor Download Analysis: "In our tests, this download was free of adware, spyware and other unwanted programs."

KeyScrambler is recommended by Ken Dunham, director of the VeriSign iDefense Rapid Response Team, in Laptop Magazine (December 2006, p.24).

Laptop Interview
KeyScrambler Facts
  • The first. The proven best.
  • When KeyScrambler was first launched in August 2006, it was the first widely available keystroke-encryption product on the market at the time. Over the years, KeyScrambler has defeated all keyloggers in extensive in-house testing and numerous tests performed independently by security experts, major download sites, bloggers and users in the world.
  • Gaining recognition as the leader in the anti-keylogging world.
  • KeyScrambler's innovative approach and effective protection have been repeatedly noted and recommended by security experts and leading media sites, including BBC News,, CNET, Laptop Magazine, PC World, and TechRepublic, to name but a few. Besides BBC, KeyScrambler has also won praise from other international media, in Germany, France, Italy, Australia, and Switzerland.
  • Appreciative users and bloggers spreading the word.
  • Users around the globe love KeyScrambler for its unique coverage of apps, ease of use, and reliable and transparent keystroke protection. They are the reason that KeyScrambler now has a steadily growing customer base of over 1,000,000 regular users in 217 countries and territories. Read user comments »

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Recommendations by International Media

KeyScrambler 3.10 is recommended by with a review and a 4.0 rating.

KeyScrambler 3.8 is recommended and rated five stars by PC Astuces.

KeyScrambler is recommended by renowned British journalist and technology author/expert Kate Russell on Working the

KeyScrambler 3.5 is recommended and rated five stars by PC Astuces.

KeyScrambler 3.4 is recommended and rated five stars by PC Astuces.

KeyScrambler Personal 3.5 is recommended by Securitylab.

KeyScrambler Personal is listed among "Top 50: The best free security tools" on

KeyScrambler Personal is recommended among "34 Firefox extentions to protect yourself and test the security of your sites" on Korben.

L'illustré, a major online magazine in Switzerland, recommends KeyScrambler as "the way of defense" against keystroke logging.

KeyScrambler made the news headline, "Mit dem 'Keyscrambler' gegen 'Keylogger'" in in 2006.

"Nützliche Add-Ons für den Firefox-Browser." 

KeyScrambler was featured on ZDNet Asia: "How keystroke encryption works to thwart keylogging threats".

KeyScrambler was recommended on "Power-ups for Firefox: Add-ons bring added security and comfort."

Albert Lauchner, deputy editor-in-chief of tecCHANNEL, called KeyScrambler an "advanced method" against online fraud in Presse Portal ("Auf die Finger geschaut - Tipps gegen Online-Betrüger," September 9, 2006)

Recommendations by Major Websites

KeyScrambler 3.8 is reviewed and recommended by CNET editors with a 4 star rating on

KeyScrambler 3.8 is awarded "Editors' Pick" with a 5.0 rating on Major Geeks.

KeyScrambler 3.8 is reviewed and recommended on Downloadcrew.

KeyScrambler 3.8 is recommended by editors of Download 3K with an extensive review and a 4.5 rating.

KeyScrambler 3.8 is a recommended security download with a 5.0 rating on Techspot.

KeyScrambler 3.8 is recommended by Start64! as "a leading anti-keylogging software program."

KeyScrambler 3.5 is reviewed and recommended on Downloadcrew.

KeyScrambler 3.5 is awarded "Editors' Pick" with a 5.0 rating on Major Geeks.

KeyScrambler 3.4 is awarded "Editors' Pick" with a 5.0 rating on Major Geeks.

KeyScrambler 3.3 is recommended by editors of Download 3K with an extensive review and a 4.5 rating.

KeyScrambler 3.3 is a recommended security download with a 5.0 rating on Techspot.

KeyScrambler 3.3 is recommended by Start64! as "a leading anti-keylogging software program."

KeyScrambler 3.0 is recommended on Neowin.

KeyScrambler Personal 2.9.2 has a 4-star rating on Downloadcrew.

KeyScrambler 2.7.1 is recommended on eHow.

KeyScrambler Personal is recommended on Wikia.

KeyScrambler is recommended in "Nifty features from Firefox add-ons." on TechRepublic.

KeyScrambler is rated four stars and ranks among "the top ten security products" on Windows Marketplace

It has a four-star rating on Firefox Add-on site.

KeyScrambler ranks among "Top Firefox Extensions For Security and Privacy" on TechnoBuzz.Net.

KeyScrambler has favorable user reviews and a 4.5 rating on Flock.

KeyScrambler is recommended on WOT: Web of Trust.

KeyScrambler has a four-star rating on Castlecops.

KeyScrambler Premium is the only anti-keylogging program on Wakoopa's list of "the most popular anti-spyware tool on Windows." 

KeyScrambler is recommended by

KeyScrambler is recommended by Philadelphia Examiner.

KeyScrambler Personal 3.2 is awarded 100% CLEAN by Softpedia, which means "it does not contain any form of malware, including spyware, viruses, trojans and backdoors."

Softpedia 100% Clean Award
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