KeyScrambler Quick Start

You've successfully installed KeyScrambler on your computer. Now go ahead and type something.

  • A small green Overlay Window has popped up at the top center of your computer screen. Here you can see the encryption live for your peace of mind. You can also do a couple of things with one click (See Screenshot 1).
  • The KeyScrambler Tray Icon is the second thing you see, at the bottom right of your computer screen, in the Tray Area. The Tray Icon lets you know KeyScrambler's operating status by its color:
  • Green when the program is active. Yellow when inactive (This happens when the app in use is not protected by the KeyScrambler Edition you are using). Red when it is turned off.
    Click here to view all apps supported by Personal, Pro, and Premium »

  • Your KeyScrambler files are stored in the Windows Programs Menu. Click Windows Start Button to access them.

* Note: In Windows 7 and 8, the KeyScrambler Tray Icon is often hidden. To make it visible (See Screenshot 2):

  1. Click the Up Icon in the Tray Area. Windows Icons Panel comes up.
  2. Drag the KeyScrambler Icon from the Panel to the Tray Area.

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Screenshot 1: KeyScrambler Overview


Screenshot 2: Make Tray Icon Visible