KeyScrambler Features

Smart Engineering Keeps Ahead of the Bad Guys.

KeyScrambler's innovative method focuses on protecting the user's keystrokes as information is being typed in on the computer keyboard. Advanced cryptographic algorithms are used to guarantee the strongest encryption possible. In its eight successful years in the market and with extensive testing, KeyScrambler has proven to defeat both known and unknown keyloggers and keylogging malware, even on security compromised computers.

Small Footprint; Vast Protective Range.

KeyScrambler (file size ~1.4 MB) takes very little resources to run and requires no user effort. And yet it protects user keystrokes in all major browsers and up to 240+ standalone apps against keylogging. KeyScrambler (the Premium edition) also encrypts the user's login credentials in Windows workstation, Active Directory Domain, Windows Vista’s User Account Control prompts (UAC), and all of the Windows Store (Metro) Apps. It effectively cuts down on system-wide data breaches and network intrusion.

Broad Compatibility; Unique Position of Defense.

KeyScrambler works seamlessly with most security programs and authentication methods such as tokens and smart cards. Since the detect-and-remove method of traditional anti-virus, anti-malware programs is still unable to effectively deal with new, unknown malware, KeyScrambler's capability to effectively foil attacks by new, unknown keylogging malware makes it an invaluable tool for online information security.


Words of User Sandy S.: "I really really like KeyScrambler! It's such a nice feeling knowing that KeyScrambler Premium is on guard from the time I boot up until I shut down. It's also fun watching the scrambling that's going on! BTW, I really DO have a life . . . seriously I do . . . it's just that it's fun glancing at the green bar once in a while, and seeing the various characters that show up!"

Words of User Ron P.: "My wife and I both have your KeyScrambler Premium on our computers and I'm about to purchase a KeyScrambler Premium license for my father-in-law as a Christmas present. This is a fantastic program!" Read more »

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Versatile Technology. Easy Installation.

KeyScrambler supports Windows 8, 7, 2003, XP, and Vista (32-bit and 64-bit). It protects also user inputs in Asian languages: Chinese, Japanese and Korean. Installing KeyScrambler on multiple computers is as simple as installing on a single computer. With KeyScrambler, there is no learning curve. No maintenance. No change to your current PC system or computing behavior. Learn more about Premium for your business »

Transparent Protection Gives Users Reassurance.

Once you downloaded and installed KeyScrambler, an unobtrusive green overlay window appears on your computer screen. Here you can see the ongoing encryption so you know how and when KeyScrambler is working. It gives you peace of mind.

$44.99 (for up to 3 computers) $79.99

$29.99 (for up to 3 computers) $54.99

$14.99 (from Pro to Premium) $24.99

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For Business
Find out how KeyScrambler Premium helps guard your company's critical systems, reduces data theft, and increases productivity.
For Online Games
Both KeyScrambler Pro and Premium protect your player's IDs, passwords and digital assets in more than two dozen online games.
How It Works
KeyScrambler uses state-of-the-art cryptography to ensure that the user's encrypted keystrokes yield no secret to cyber thieves.
You see KeyScrambler encrypting keystrokes in Windows logon, browsers, finance programs, email, online games and more.
KeyScrambler has been recognized by security experts, bloggers and major websites around the globe as the anti-keylogging leader.
User Manual
You find simple directions for working with KeyScrambler, including how-tos and customizing tips.
Security Trends
Major articles and security reports are excerpted to inform you about current Internet security threats and counter measures.
Compare Editions
Find out which KeyScrambler edition - Premium, Professional, or Personal - best covers your favorite apps/activities.