1,000,000+ users love KeyScrambler. You will, too.

Realtime keystroke encryption protects your typed info from keystroke capturing malware in all browsers and major apps.

Innovative technology shields digital assets

KeyScrambler's trail-blazing keystroke-encryption technology protects users' typed info in real time and deep in Windows Operating System, in all browsers and hundreds of crucial apps.

Trusted software gives users peace of mind

KeyScrambler has been tested and used by experts, bloggers and users all over the world for sixteen years and is proven effective against the most insidious kind of keylogging malware.

Better data security means safer cyber life

Just sit back and watch KeyScrambler encrypting your keystrokes before your eyes. It protects your data even on malware-infected computers. You online life is so much safer!

Years of KeyScrambler

KeyScrambler was launched in August 2006, the first keystroke-encryption product in the market then. It has defeated all keyloggers in extensive in-house testing and numerous independent tests over the years.

Countries Use KeyScrambler

Users love KeyScrambler for its seamless support of apps, ease of use, innovative design, and most of all, its proven effective and reliable protection against keylogging attacks.

KeyScrambler Protected Apps

KeyScrambler Personal is free to use and protects everything in all major browsers. KeyScrambler Premium supports over 500 standalone apps and offers other advanced security features.

"KeyScrambler from QFX Software can protect users from phishing emails and malicious websites that deploy key logging software to mine your personal details."

~ BBCNews

"The beauty of a program like KeyScrambler is: Once installed, that’s it. Forget about it and let KeyScrambler be another layer of protection in the fight against financial malware."

~ TechRepublic

"KeyScrambler is one of its kind program that does its job exceptionally well. I have tested it with some keylogging programs and none of them could catch what I was actually typing."

~ TechNorms


"Been a huge fan and devout user since your early Firefox addon. I recommend your KeyScrambler software to all my professional and casual colleagues. I do businesses consulting and run a online gaming community of 2k+ members worldwide. Thank you . . ."

~ Richard B.

"Thank you so much for developing this great product. I recently had a keylogger attack, and I feel so much safer now with KeyScrambler Premium. I have been recommending it to all of my friends."

~ Judy D.

"KeyScrambler Pro has been my friendly companion for some time now, as prior to that I was a victim of a keylogger. It has been a life-saver and identity-saver for me, and I would not start my computer without it. . . ."

~ Rocky S.

Ready for greater online security?

Choose the edition that works for you.

KeyScrambler Personal

  • Encrypts typed info in 70+ browsers
  • Anti-keystroke-profiling feature.

KeyScrambler Professional

$29.99/3 computers
  • Encrypts typed info in 70+ browsers
  • Anti-keystroke-profiling feature
  • Encrypts typed info in 200+ standalone apps
  • Automatically updates to new versions.

KeyScrambler Premium

$44.99/3 computers
  • Encrypts typed info in 70+ browsers
  • Anti-keystroke-profiling feature
  • Encrypts typed info in 200+ standalone apps
  • Encrypts in 220+ business programs and other advanced security features.

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