Power at Your Finger Tips

» Encrypts everything in 70+ browsers

» Encrypts typed info in 400 standalone apps

» Works even on malware-infected computers

» Offers unique anti-keystroke-profiling protection

No-Fuss Anti-keylogging

» Small footprint

» Easy group deployment

» Little user effort

» Extensive compatibility with security suites

KeyScrambler Features

Encrypts everything in all major browsers

KeyScrambler encrypts every keystroke in real time when you're online: your bank logins, credit card numbers, search terms, web forms, emails, etc. Everything you type on a website or a browser app is encrypted.

Supports hundreds of standalone apps

Besides all the major browsers, KeyScrambler Pro and Premium support a wide array of standalone apps, in areas of communication, password managers, online games, business and finance, and more.

Works even on malware-infected computers

If a keylogger had wormed into your computer and escaped detection, KeyScrambler would still work to safeguard your typed info, and the keylogger would be left with only a meaningless jumble of characters to steal.

Unique Anti-Keystroke-Profiling feature

Websites abound that secretly track your typing patterns to obtain your identity. KeyScrambler protects your privacy by altering your keystroke rhythm to foil keystroke-profiling exploits.

Small Footprint

The KeyScrambler file size is ~1.5 MB and takes 1 minute to download. KeyScrambler requires few resources and very little maintenance to run.

Easy Deployment

KeyScrambler takes only a minute to install and you'll be notified of new updates. Pro and Premium editions have automatic updates..

Little User Effort

The ingenious engineering of KeyScrambler allows you to see your keystrokes being encrypted live. You always know when and how KeyScrambler is working.

Extensive Compatibility

KeyScrambler works seamlessly with most security suites and authentication methods It protects master passwords in all supported Password Managers.

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Useful Tray Icon

The KeyScrambler tray icon offers a shortcut to turn the program off/on with one click. Double click the tray icon will bring up the Mini-Menu, where you can change the default setting of KeyScrambler. Its color turns yellow when you're in an app not protected by KeyScrambler.

Dedicated Online Support

If an app that you're using regularly is not supported by the current version of KeyScrambler, you can email us to request it and we will add support in a later update version.

Please check out what apps KeyScrambler already supports 

KeyScrambler Premium

Protects Critical Computer Systems

If you love KeyScrambler Personal, you'll be excited with KeyScrambler Premium. The Premium edition encrypts your Windows Logons, which effectively cuts down keylogging risks on your computer.

In addition to protecting everything you type in a browser, KeyScrambler Premium also encrypts your keystrokes in over 300 standalone apps in major data-sensitive areas, including team meeting and messaging programs, password managers, online games, crytocurrency wallets, office suites and financical software.

KeyScrambler Premium offers the most comprehensive protection against keylogging/malware attacks.

"I really really like KeyScrambler! It's such a nice feeling knowing that KeyScrambler Premium is on guard from the time I boot up until I shut down. It's also fun watching the scrambling that's going on!" Read more »

~ Sandy S.

"I want to express my sincere gratitude to you from the bottom of my heart for protecting cryptocoin wallets. . . It was clear that the trojan I had removed a few weeks ago was a keylogger geared SPECIFICALLY to steal my cryptocoins and was clearly attempting to obtain all of my passwords. The ONLY reason I have not lost everything I've been working for full time for more than a year is because KEYSCRAMBLER PREMIUM SCRAMBLED ALL OF MY PASSWORDS! THANK YOU AGAIN X1000."  Read more »

~ Gareth S.

"KeyScrambler Pro has been my friendly companion for some time now, as prior to that I was a victim of a keylogger. It has been a life-saver and identity-saver for me, and I would not start my computer without it. . . ."
Read more »

~ Rocky S.

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