What's New in KeyScrambler 3.16

KeyScrambler 3.16 is released on September 24, 2021 with the following changes:
  • Added support for Windows 11.
  • Fixed occasional focus loss in Firefox fullscreen mode.
  • Fixed number pad keys being repeated in LibreOffice 7.0+.
  • Fixed product key info being reset during some Windows updates.
  • Fixed encryption module errors when used with certain anti-virus software.
  • Fixed orphaned process handle in main executable.
  • Fixed Dissenter browser support.
  • Added workaround for Webroot users to filter out extraneous characters.
The update has also added support for:
  • 4 more Browsers: CCleaner Browser, LibreWolf, UR Browser, and Wavebox (All editions)
  • 4 more Email/Messaging clients: AdiIRC, Element, ProtonMail Bridge, RSSGuard (Pro and Premium)
  • 2 more Password Managers: NordPass, Remembear (Pro and Premium)
  • 2 more Encryption Apps: Cryptomator, NordLocker (Premium)
  • 1 more Cryptocurrency Wallets: Trezor Suite (Premium)
  • 1 more Financial App: Moneydance (Premium)
  • 1 more Cloud Storage App: pCloud Drive (Premium)
See the list of all supported programs for KeyScrambler Personal, Pro, and Premium.
All three KeyScrambler editions are ready for Download Now.
Our special thanks to users who reported bugs, made suggestions for KeyScrambler's improvement, and/or tested the beta versions. We thank all our users for your continuing support!
Previous Versions:
Version 3.15
  • Fixes number pad keys not working in some applications.
The update has also added support for:
  • 8 more Browsers: AVG Browser, Dooble, Lunascape, Min, MyPal Browser, Opera Neon, Puffin Secure Browser, Whale Browser (All editions)
  • 4 more Password Managers: KeePassXC, Passweerd, Password Boss, Password Tote 4 (Pro and Premium)
  • 1 more Email clients: PopPeeper (Pro and Premium)
  • 3 more Gaming Programs: Epic Games Launcher, itch.io, RuneLite (Pro and Premium)
  • 2 more Text Editors: DocPad, The Journal (Pro and Premium)
  • 14 more Team Meeting and Chat Programs: Microsoft Teams, WebEx Meetings, WebEx Teams, Go2Meeting Suite, Facebook Workplace, Amazon Chime, Adobe Connect, Join.me, Bluejeans, Fuze, Zoho Meeting, Vonage Business, Mattermost, Rocket.chat (Premium)
  • 3 more Cryptocurrency Wallets: Atomic Wallet, Exodus Wallet, Guarda (Premium)
  • 2 more Office Programs: FlexiPDF, SoftMaker Office (Premium)
  • 2 more Networking Programs: XFTP, XManager, XShell (Premium)

Version 3.14
  • Fixes product key sometimes not being recognized during login.
  • Fixes keyboard sometimes stops being responsive in Windows 10 after installing updates.
  • supports the new Microsoft Edge based on Chromium.
  • Fixes East Asian languages support for several browsers.
The update has also added support for:
  • 4 more Browsers: MS Edge Chromium, Dissenter, Falkon, Opera Gx (All editions)
  • 4 more independent Email and IM/VoIP clients: Signal, Telegram, WhatsApps, Wire (Pro and Premium)
  • 1 more Password Manager: Bitwarden (Pro and Premium)
  • 4 more Gaming Programs: GoG Galaxy, NCSoft Launcher 2, Steam Chat, UPlay Store (Pro and Premium)
  • 1 more Zip Program: Bandizip (Pro and Premium)
  • 4 more Cryptocurrency Wallets: DIVI Desktop, FairyWallet, Ledger Live, Nexus Wallet (Premium)
  • 1 more Text Editor: Standard Notes (Premium)
  • 1 more Cloud Storage Program: iCloud (Premium)
  • 1 more Financial Program: Schwab Streetsmart Edge (Premium)
  • 2 more Encryption Program: RSA SecurID, SafeNet MobilePass (Premium)

Version 3.13
Reserved for internal testing.

Version 3.12
  • Fixes a potential crash in the encryption driver (thanks to TrustWave for the discovery).
  • Temporarily disables Edge support due to a compatibility issue. A new way to support Edge will be coming soon.
The update has also added support for:
  • 3 more Browsers: Avast Secure Browser, Basilisk Browser, Iridium Browser (All editions)
  • 1 more Email and Messaging Program: WeChat for PC (Pro and Premium)
  • 2 more Password Managers: LastPass Pocket, PWGen (Pro and Premium)
  • 2 more Gaming Programs: Facebook Gameroom, Garena (Pro and Premium)
  • 5 more Encryption Programs: EncryptStick, Keybase, MikroLock, SafeNet Authentication Client, WinAuth (Premium)
  • 1 more Office Program: Turtl (Premium)
  • 1 more Team Messaging Program: Zoom (Premium)
  • 1 more Windows Feature: Microsoft Management Console (MMC) (Premium)

Version 3.11
  • Offers our new and unique Anti-Keystroke-Profiling feature (in experimental phase)
    Learn more about keystroke profiling
  • Supports Windows 10 Creators Update
  • Improves the Automatic Update feature
The update has also added support for:
  • 3 more Browsers: Avast SafeZone, Green Browser, Otter Browser (All editions)
  • 4 more Email and Messaging programs: CryptoCat, Gajim, Ricochet, Tixati (Pro and Premium)
  • 4 more Password Managers: F-Secure KEY, KeeWeb, Master Password, Password Agent 64-bit (Pro and Premium)
  • 1 more Zip program: PeaZip (Pro and Premium)
  • 2 more Financial Programs: TopBanking, You Need A Budget (YNAB 4) (Premium)
  • 1 more Encryption Program: Kruptos 2 Professional (Premium)
  • 1 more Office program: Simplenote (Premium)

Version 3.10
  • Added Support for Windows 10 Anniversary Update
It has also added support for:
  • 5 more Browsers: Avant Browser Ultimate, Brave, Cliqz, UC Browser, Yandex Browser (All editions)
  • 3 more Email and Messaging programs: Franz, MailBird, Raidcall (Pro and Premium)
  • 2 more Text Editors: Sublime Text, UltraEdit 64-bit (Pro and Premium)
  • 1 more Cloud Storage program: Microsoft OneDrive (Premium)

Version 3.9
  • Version Fixed a bug that affected the Calculator, IETab, and several other Windows 10 apps.
  • Restored Edge browser support that was broken by the Edge 13 update
  • Fixed issue with Canadian TurboTax support
  • Installers and executables are now dual signed (SHA256 and SHA1)
It has also added support for:
  • 2 more Browsers: Avira Scout, IceCat (All editions)
  • 3 more Email and Messaging programs: Discord,InfoSelect, LiveChat, (Pro and Premium)
  • 2 more Text Editors: EditPlus, MetaPad (Pro and Premium)
  • 6 more Password Managers: ArchiCrypt Safe, AnyPassword, AnyPassword Pro, Encryptr, Enpass, Whisper (Pro and Premium)
  • 5 more Encryption programs: Advanced Encryption Package, ArchiCrypt Live, ArchiCrypt Live To Go, ArchiCrypt Easy Encryption, CryptoHeaven (Premium)
  • 2 more Network/Terminal programs: MinTTY, MobaXTerm Portable (Premium)
  • 4 more Office programs: WPS Writer, WPS Presentation, WPS Spreadsheet, WPS Cloud Service (Premium)

Version 3.8.2
  • This release has fixed the compatibility issue with Microsoft Publisher and with accent keys in Firefox.
  • It has added support for Java launcher, and also for 3 new browsers: Cent, Maxthon Nitro, and Vivaldi.

Version 3.8.1
  • Improved performance under Windows 10 and the new Edge browser
  • Fixed compatibility issue with Windows 10 Mail app
  • Fixed compatibility issue with Edge and Google Spreadsheet

Version 3.8
  • Added full Windows 10 support, including the new Edge browser
  • Fixed keystrokes not appearing in some situations
  • Fixed compatibility issue with certain addons in Firefox
  • Fixed compatibility issue with Dropbox
It has also added support for:
  • 4 more Browsers: Microsoft Edge, AOL Desktop 9.7, QIP Surf, and Amigo (All editions)
  • 3 more Messaging programs: Mail.ru Agent, QIP 2012, Garena+ (Pro and Premium)
  • 1 more Password Manager: Dashlane (Pro and Premium)
  • 1 more Media program: Spotify (Pro and Premium)

Version 3.7
This release has fixed the following issues:
  • Asian language input not appearing correctly in Skype
  • The encryption driver not starting up quickly enough in some systems
  • The space key not working on certain websites in Firefox
It has also added support for:
  • 3 more Browsers: 360 Browser (Chrome version), Chromodo, and Citrio
  • (KeyScrambler Personal, Pro, Premium)
  • 1 more Media program: Vudu To Go
  • (Pro and Premium)
  • 1 more Online Game: OSBuddy
  • (Pro and Premium)
  • 2 more Encryption programs: CryptoForge, and DiskCryptor
  • (Premium)
  • 1 more Networking program: MobaXTerm
  • (Premium)
  • 1 more Office program: MagicNotes
  • (Premium)
  • A New Category: Team Messaging programs: Hipchat, Slack, and Teamspeak 3
  • (Premium)

Version 3.6
  • KeyScrambler 3.6 adds support for systems where the Ctrl key and the Caps Lock key are remapped.
  • It fixes the issue of missing tray icon when Windows Explorer restarts.
  • It also supports:
    • 3 more Browsers: Chromium Secure, SlimBoat, and SlimJet (41 browsers in total)
    • 3 more Email and Messaging programs: FossaMail, Lync, Miranda (50 independent email and IM/VoIP clients in total)
    • 1 more Password Manager: EasyPass (32 password managers in total)
    • 1 more Encryption program: GPG4USB (28 encryption programs in total)

Version 3.5
  • This upgrade adds an all-new focus response system in the back end that improves KeyScrambler's consistency and performance.
  • It adds support for HiDPI displays and Windows 10 Technical Preview.
  • KeyScrambler Professional and Premium also add support for 2 Email Programs (Opera Mail, The Bat! Voyager), and a Password Manager (Safe In Cloud).
  • KeyScrambler Premium in addition adds support for over 20 Cryptocoin Wallets, including Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Nxt, Peercoin, and all Qt-based wallets.
All three KeyScrambler editions are ready for Download Now.

Version 3.4
  • Back-end and performance improvements.
  • Fixes scrambling bug with capital letters in the Google Toolbar in IE.
  • All three KeyScrambler editions add support for 5 more Browsers: 360 Browser, Browser7, Epic, Sogou, and WhiteHat Aviator.
  • KeyScrambler Personal now supports 38 browsers in total. It protects your keystrokes on all websites.
  • KeyScrambler Professional and Premium also add support for an Email Program (Forte Agent), 2 Messaging Programs (BitMessage and Jitsi), 2 Games (League of Legends and Orion for Minecraft), and 4 Password Managers (1Password, Kaspersky Password Manager, Norton Identity Safe, and ToolWiz Password Safe).
  • KeyScrambler Premium in addition adds support for 3 Encryption Programs (DriveCrypt, mSecure, and ToolWiz bSafe), a File Manager (PowerDesk), a Financial Program (ALF-BanCo), and 3 Cloud Storage Apps (SpiderOak, Tresorit, and Wuala).

Version 3.3
  • Adds Windows 8.1 compatibility.
  • Improves support for non-English languages.
  • Corrects occurrence of foreground application sometimes not being correctly detected.
  • Improves compatibility with Google Apps in IE.
  • Fixes scrambling bug in the Bing Bar in IE.
  • KeyScrambler Personal adds support for the Pirate Browser. It now protects 33 browsers in total.
  • KeyScrambler Professional and Premium add support for the Battle.net, EA Origin and Minecraft game clients.

Version 3.2
  • Fixed compatibility bug with the autotype feature of KeePass.
  • Fixed typing bug after switching input languages.
  • Fixed number pad not working in command prompt.
  • Fixed Korean input not working in MS Word.
  • Fixed doubled letters in Xfire.
  • KeyScrambler Personal adds 3 browsers: Cyberfox, QupZilla, Superbird, Torch. It now protects 32 browsers in total.
  • KeyScrambler Professional and Premium add 3 Password Managers (Password Depot, SplashID Safe, Steganos Password Manager) and 2 Email Programs (eM Client, Foxmail).
  • KeyScrambler Premium in addition adds protection to two new categories: Cloud Storage (Dropbox, Google Drive, Microsoft SkyDrive) and Bitcoin Wallets (Bitcoin-Qt, Armory, Electrum, Multibit). It also adds several new Encryption Apps (B-Folders, BestCrypt Traveller, File Waster, Folder Lock, Steganos Safe, Steganos Privacy Suite); Networking Apps (FlashXFP, FTPRush, TeraTerm Pro); and Office Programs (Dramatica Pro, FinalDraft, MovieMagic Screenwriter, Outline 4D).

Version 3.1
  • Fixed bug causing sporadic scrambled input.
  • Changed handling of shift keys to avoid triggering StickyKeys.
  • Fixed movement keys not working in Minecraft.
  • Fixed some settings not being saved under Windows XP.
  • Enabled East Asian language input support for Personal edition.
  • Fixed crash under certain conditions in SlimBrowser.
  • Fixed rare occurrence of trying to turn on encryption before kernel module is ready.
  • Changed logon module registration under Windows XP to avoid missing file warning in Hijack This report.
  • Fixed incomplete product key reset function.

Version 3.0
  1. All Three Editions:
    • Fully support Windows 8.
    • Support Internet Explorer 10, including "Metro" mode.
    • Have undergone a thorough reengineering and numerous optimizations, which result in the new version's improved performance and compatibility, reduced resource usage, and more fluid user experience.
    • The user interface is revised for compactness.
  2. KeyScrambler Personal sees the greatest expansion in coverage:
    • Supports 29 browsers, including Google Chrome.
    • No longer requires add-ons to be installed.
    • Automatically works with latest Firefox version without requiring updates.
  3. KeyScrambler Professional and Premium become the first keystroke encryption program to protect Windows 8 Metro Apps and also
    • Add Games: Diablo 3, Warcraft 2.
  4. In addition, KeyScrambler Premium:
    • Supports Windows Explorer in "Metro" mode.
    • Better support for East Asian languages.
    • Protects Windows: Command Prompt (Window 7 and later).
    • Protects Tax: H&R Block At Home 2012.

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